Mobile security and service center 24/7: Secapp and K2 Turvapalvelut security services

The partnership between Secapp and the K2 Turvapalvelut security services company brings together high-quality mobile security for premises and personal security, along with comprehensive service center operations.

K2 Turvapalvelut is a respected and trusted partner in security technology and property surveillance.

“K2 Turvapalvelut provides high-quality services in alarm center, property monitoring, and call center operations. The cornerstone of the company is a model in which security, property surveillance, and all other services can be provided from a single service center. Working with Secapp, we can offer our customers a more comprehensive service offering,” says K2 Turvapalvelut chief operating officer  Jani Saarvo.

Extensive service center expertise

The company’s service center is staffed by over 20 security and property surveillance experts.

“The service center operates throughout Finland from Jyväskylä, and all our security guards have a security guard certificate issued by the Finnish Police. We also have experts working for us who provide energy efficiency services for buildings, among other things,” Saarvo explains.

Centralization also brings several benefits, such as added security and convenience, as well as cost savings.

“Centralized operations and advanced remote working tools also allow significant savings in footwork and time spent in the field. For example, Secapp’s communication and collaboration capabilities play an important role in this,” adds Saarvo.

Alarm center approved by Finance Finland

The alarm center that is part of the service center package is not just any alarm center – it has been approved by Finance Finland.

“Thanks to this approval, we can receive and deal with weightier alerts as well, for example relating to the security of businesses such as goldsmiths and others trading in valuables. In addition, the security level of K2 Turvapalvelut has been audited to the highest KATAKRI category in the Finnish government administration,” Saarvo says.

Secapp – an important communication and alert system

The collaboration with Secapp enables K2 Turvapalvelut to offer high-quality mobile solutions for both personal security and premises security. Thanks to the seamless collaboration between Secapp and K2 Turvapalvelut’s 24/7 control room, guards can be reached quickly and reliably, for example, and help can be dispatched immediately to the right place.

“Secapp provides important help for us, for example in the case of break-in alerts. We send a Secapp message to the security guards via the surveillance software, and the guard who accepts the assignment can communicate with us via text, pictures, or video link. We can also see the guard’s location at all times, which makes it easier to monitor the situation and cooperate with the authorities, for example. In addition, mobile safety buttons bring a sense of security for people working alone, knowing that help is automated or just a click away,” says K2 Turvapalvelut director of security Pekka Väisänen.

According to Saarvo, Secapp was selected as the company’s communication and alert system through a thorough and rigorous evaluation process.

“Secapp has successfully passed through a rigorous security screening process to be selected for K2 Turvapalvelut. We examined its technical and operational aspects in detail. It is also important to us that the system and its features are constantly evolving.

Secapp’s operating model and skillful team were also significant in making our decision. Secapp is an approachable company and a pleasure to work with. For example, Kari (CEO Kari Aho) has been present at every event we have asked him to attend,” Saarvo adds.

A time of growth during the pandemic

K2 Turvapalvelut had a successful business year in 2020. The company’s turnover increased by around 40 percent, and energy management trends were directly reflected in the company’s assignments.

“Last year, we gained more nationwide customers, and our business with existing customers also developed positively. In addition, demand for our energy efficiency services, such as energy-consuming functions or temperature optimization, increased and will certainly continue to be a big driver for us. Increasing automation and the shift to internet of things systems will also increase the market for us in the property sector. This will, of course, also increase the volume of information and the challenges in handling it, which will certainly involve some use of robotics. Secapp also contributes to this, as it can be easily integrated with external systems,” says Saarvo.

“All in all, the future looks bright, and we will be at the forefront of implementing new solutions in our operations.”

Secapp also pleased with the partnership

According to Secapp CEO Kari Aho, K2 Turvapalvelut is an important partner for the company.

“I am extremely happy with the collaboration between us. It has a clear impact on our ability to offer genuine solutions that can improve personal security and premises security. Thanks to this partnership, we have a person on hand 24/7 to receive Secapp alerts and respond to them immediately,” says Aho.

“Overall, our work together has gone superbly, and we have been able to reach major players and bring this service to our existing customers, as well as open doors to new customer relationships. This partnership is definitely much more than the sum of its parts,” Aho adds.

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  • Pekka Väisänen, 040 035 1831

K2 Turvapalvelut

  • Founded in 2014, head office in Jyväskylä
  • Provides alarm center, property monitoring, and call center services throughout Finland
  • Serving commercial and office premises, residential properties, maintenance companies, security companies, and industry
  • A Secapp partner
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