Professional communications system for dispatching and alerting fire and rescue services covering first responders and volunteers.

The versatile and easy-to-use Secapp application is a functional and popular system in many professional and voluntary fire brigades, first responders and search and rescue services.

Save time

Real-time situational awareness and communication covering the entire area of operation of the rescue service and immediate response from the field.
Set up and maintain your control centre in Secapp – and carry it in your pocket!

Be prepared

Ready templates for various disturbances and unexpected situations, including persons and groups to be alerted, the priority and a description of the situation and instructions for the responders, as well as possible escalation chains.
Manage contacts, skills, and alert groups with Secapp tools. Preparedness facilitates day-to-day work and readiness to act in situations such as major accidents.

Alert and reach out

Alert, communicate and dispatch personnel, both stand-by and off-duty workers.
Locate individuals and units and cooperate with authorities when needed, e.g. via Secapp’s own secure chat or video consultation.
Improve personnel’s physical safety with mobile security buttons (OneClick alerting).

What is Secapp?

Secapp is used, e.g. for dispatching permanent personnel and rescue units daily and coordinating and monitoring emergency operations. The application also includes a mass notification system that can be used to inform stakeholders (city administration, water and electricity suppliers, police, health care, etc.).
Secapp makes monitoring easy and convenient 24/7 and ensures adequate on-call readiness. Also, the reporting feature can handle fire and equipment inspections and accident reports. All this without new equipment investments.

Capture attention…

In crisis and emergencies

Ready-made templates are created in Secapp for various disturbances and unexpected situations. Templates include, e.g. persons and groups to be alerted, the priority of the situation, a description of the situation and instructions for action, and possible escalation chains. Individual contact information, qualifications, and alert groups (e.g., service, first aid, security) are managed with Secapp’s tools.

Secapp will issue a mass alert using ready-made alert templates in case of a fault or an unexpected situation. The alert is sent via multiple communication channels (e.g. mobile application, text message, robotic call) to all persons defined in the message template, regardless of whether the person has an older phone or a smartphone.

In the case of a high-priority alert, Secapp bypasses the phone’s silent settings on Android and iPhone phones. All message recipients can respond to the alert (OK/NOK) and indicate whether they can participate in the situation.

Besides permanent personnel, this feature is an excellent way to keep temporary employees informed and monitor their daily work-

A real-time situational awareness forms for the person who made the alert. Secapp shows which alerted persons are available and responding to the situation. The operation manager can share more information in the conversation with the entire group.

Secapp is an alert and dispatching system, e.g. when a replacement employee is needed for a work shift due to a sudden absence. Persons can also be alerted, for example, based on special skills (maintenance, IT, a specific driving license).

Commanding in the event of disturbances and storms (catastrophes)

  • Ready-made templates, quick response
  • Communications between other stakeholders and authorities (cities, municipalities, police, etc.)

Panic buttons and a dead man’s switch increase lone workers’ safety. With the panic button, an alert can be made directly on the screen of one’s phone with a single push of a button. The dead man’s switch will automatically send an alert if the device does not detect movement for a specified time (e.g. 1 minute).

Secapp records all events during an unexpected situation: alerted persons, responses, shared information, and decisions made. The event log can be exported as a report which can be used in debriefing and improving the procedures in the future.

  • Data management (e.g. equipment, configuration information, installations, maintenance, fault management)

Collect and report critical data with Secapp’s mobile checklists. The checklists allow any form to be digitalised to the customisable task- and checklists such as:

  • Routine safety and quality inspections
  • Collecting critical information
  • Giving step-by-step instructions and workflows in critical situations

We help you

Fire Brigades

  •  Alerting and dispatching personnel (stand-by and off-duty workers)
  •  Dispatching a replacement employee
  •  Commanding in disturbances and storms
  •  Alerting and communications of volunteer fire brigades (location information)
  •  Automatic fire brigade and firefighter contact detail management and decentralising for different levels of the organisation
  •  Stand-by screen: the real-time occupation of both the own fire brigade and the voluntary brigade
  •  Communication covering the entire area of operation of the rescue service
  •  Targeting messages: groups, competencies, skills
  •  Skill and alert group management and verification
  •  Opportunity for cooperation with authorities (e.g. concerning first response)

Volunteer Fire Brigades

  •  Fast and reliable alerts from the emergency response centre to the volunteer fire brigade
  •  Immediate responses from the field
  •  Real-time situational awareness
  •  Stand-by screen: real-time occupation and preparedness
  •  Locating individuals and units
  •  Own secure internal chat
  •  Targeting messages: groups, competencies, skills

Additional features

  •  Daily reporting, e.g. fire safety, equipment inspections and accident reports, is done directly from everyone’s work phone.
  •  Set up and maintain a control centre with Secapp – carry it in your pocket
  •  Video consultation, e.g. between the extinguishing unit and the control centre
  •  Improving personnel’s physical safety with mobile security buttons (panic button and dead man’s switch)

Easy to set up

Choose the users

Let us know who will start using Secapp. We will add them and their details to the platform.

2-hour online training

We will provide a 2-hour online training session for your staff.

You are set to go

We will support, guide and teach you the best practices of how to get the best out of Secapp.


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You will move now to the Secapp Finland web page!!