Manage your everyday life and emergencies with one click

From everyday operations to complex crises.

Secapp is a critical communication and alerting SaaS platform

Secapp is built to broadcast mass notifications, alert individuals and teams, collect critical data and provide secure real-time chats and videos. All this is in a platform where the data remains safe and owned by the customer. Secapp doesn’t require any additional equipment from the sender or receiver(s).

Ultimately, Secapp can help to save lives and manage critical operations in times of crisis.

No additional equipment required.

Secapp doesn’t require any additional equipment from the sender or receiver(s). Computer and mobile phones used by the organization and staff is enough.

Key features

Alerting and paging

Alert and personnel paging templates help you to react faster in daily work and unexpected situations.

  • Get individuals or teams to respond to urgent tasks or fill a work shift.
  • Target based on groups, skills, availability, or location information.
  • Can bypass silence settings, and they demand instant response.
  • Broadcast messages and instructions.

Secured chat and video

With Secapp’s chat and video tools, you can communicate securely.

  • Share text, pictures, sound, or locations on the map
  • Share attachments
  • Set up and update the topic or latest status

OneClick – mobile alert buttons and personnel safety

Ensure your personal and premises safety with mobile panic buttons and a lone work switch.

  • No matter if there is a small group of first responders or the whole organisation.
  • Dispatch and respond to alerts with one click in seconds.
  • It can be integrated into external warning systems.

Mobile alert Buttons

OneClick mobile alert buttons allow you to send messages and alerts with just one tap. For example, the buttons can be used to call for help or report an anomaly or fault.

  • For Android, iOS, and Windows Phones. Computer desktop alerts via a dedicated Windows client.
  • Current location and distress alert is delivered to pre-designated person(s), e.g. head of security.
  • Buttons are fully configurable per person, and the number of buttons is not limited.
  • Alerts can be triggered via SMS messages and integrated physical buttons also.

Checklists and reporting

With mobile checklists and reporting, you can collect critical data within minutes.

  • Manage critical assets and sites (e.g. premises, devices, vehicles, or assets related to your operations)
  • It can be used with individual field operations, daily asset checklists, or to form a nationwide situational awareness picture.

The site, asset, and device registries

You can easily manage your site, asset, and device documentation with customisable premise and device registries.

  • Compile relevant attachments together with other relevant sites, assets, or device data.
  • Share access to the data securely.

How SECAPP does it?

Assisting you in managing and providing Security for your staff and assets.

Staff in everyday work

Incident management and emergencies

Alerting staff and management based on geolocation

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Geographical area

At its best, Secapp’s geofencing features significantly support the organisations’ communication and security management.
The geofencing features allow organisations to, for example, define their workplace or factory area so that automated messages, such as instructions, warnings, or accident and threat alerts, can be sent to, within, or out of the workplace.
√ Any available communication means
 2-way communication

Improve daily security in schools and academies with Secapp’s communications and alerting system

A safe learning environment is vital for both students and staff. The versatile and easy-to-use Secapp application is proven to be a functional and popular system in many educational institutions, where it is used daily, e.g. internal communications and instant messaging. Secapp has been awarded the national security award for improving security safety at schools and academies.

In addition, Secapp can be used to prepare for critical situations and to alert all persons covering faculty members, students, and visitors with mass messages.

Fast two-way and multichannel alerting

  • Messages are sent by a push of a button or entirely automatically by integrating Secapp with existing systems.
  • Multiple sending ways: application, web browser, SMS, email, Windows 10, robot calls, and TETRA authority devices
  • Messages and alarms will pass the device’s silent settings if needed, and immediate response to messages is required (OK or NOK).
  • Target messages based on individuals’ skills, group information, usability, or location
  • The alerted people can see other respondents’ responses and skill sets in real time.

Staff on travel

Duty of care is essential regardless of where your staff is working. Today the staff is increasingly mobile visiting a client in a foreign country, on a long duty trip or travelling home for leave. It is of utmost importance to communicate with the staff, provide information, warn of any medical or Security hazards or offer assistance on travel.

You will move now to the Secapp Finland web page!!
You will move now to the Secapp Finland web page!!
You will move now to the Secapp Finland web page!!