Reliable communications, alerting and coordinating tools for
International Organizations and NGOs

International Organizations and NGOs operate in diverse environmental areas. Reliable, secure and automated communication, including alerting, coordination and effective daily management of staff and assets, is essential for them. Fields like the duty of care of staff organizations
cannot compromise. Communication means the need to be reliable and fast.
The messages need to be delivered through available means. With Secapp, the messages can be transferred via the internet, mobile networks or through different integrated technologies. Unlike other critical communication service providers, Secapp offers additional integrated daily management and communication solutions. With Secapp, users can perform several Human Resources tasks. Staff-related and operational reporting in its different forms can be automated with Secapp. Additionally, Secapp can manage complicated asset management and inventory data. For example, major telecommunication and mobile phone operators trust Secapp in their asset management.  On top of Lone Working and One Click (panic buttons, a dead man’s switch), Secapp allows targeting communications and alerting to specific locations using its Geofencing feature. By determining a location on Secapp, the system can send manual and automatic messages and alerts to those already in the determined area, those arriving at it and those leaving.
You will move now to the Secapp Finland web page!!
You will move now to the Secapp Finland web page!!