SECAPP Critical Communications Solutions

Secapp is a critical communication and alerting SaaS platform. It is built to broadcast mass notifications, alert individuals and teams, collect critical data and provide secure real-time chats and videos.
The security management of the Secapp SaaS platform is ISO 27001:2013 certified (Hull Certification Oy).
The first step is ensuring business continuity, updating relevant plans, and having emergency preparedness programs. However, as the operational environment is getting increasingly complex, resulting in an unpredictable threat environment, an effective tool and secure communication channel are necessary when every second matters. Fast communication and predefined messaging capability to the staff and partners make it possible to analyse and assess risks and prevent damage to the staff or disrupt your operations. With SECAPP, your operational speed, effectiveness and response rise to the next level.
The SECAPP platform offers the technology to automate manual processes and collect required data from staff and assets through messaging, chats, video, photos and geolocation for your analyses and action.
The SECAPP platform offers a predefined automation and management tool for communication. It lets the critical staff concentrate on the analyses and incident management instead of using the time to reach staff and counterparts.
SECAPP platform is a tool for quick response to incidents and operations management to move towards recovery.

Benefits of using Secapp

In everyday life

Alerting and paging personnel: to quickly find and alert substitutes and extras when the need arises
Assembling and alerting fast response teams
Internal instant messaging and information delivery: secure replacement for consumer apps such as WhatsApp and Signal.
Mass messaging to keep staff, customers and stakeholders informed
Operative management: Coordinating routine tasks and checks (e.g. installations, maintenance, inspections)
Documentation related to properties, sites and assets
Managing expenditure: Work and material orders, keeping track of capital and operational expenses
Managing multi-stakeholder environments: Via secure information sharing and documentation tools
Safety checks: At workplaces, construction sites, etc.

In Crisis and Emergencies

Preparing for unexpected events: creating a message and task templates and automation
Managing contact information, skills, availability and location information
Alerting and informing personnel and stakeholders in case of crises or unexpected events such as fires, chemical leaks, terrorism, natural disasters, power outages, water contaminations, and system failures
Automated or manual informing of stakeholders in case of system failures ensures they have instant access to up-to-date information.
Alerting operative staff and coordinating executive decision-making: for example, in case of a PR crisis
Task and checklists for coordinating and reporting tasks in unexpected situations
Personal safety tools for workers: location tracking, timed or movement-based dead man’s switch, and customisable panic buttons
Reporting accidents and close calls with a few pushes of buttons
Automated alerts from existing systems via integrations

What is Secapp?

Secapp combines all commercial (app, SMS, automated calls, email) and authority communication (for example, TETRA) channels into one solution, enabling broadcast mass notifications, alerts to individuals and teams, and collecting and sharing critical data.
Example – Hospitals and Health Care:
The versatile and easy-to-use Secapp application has become popular in hospitals and health care and has proven its value in critical use. For example, the University Hospital of Kuopio (Finland), responsible for millions of patients annually, has commented that SECAPP saves even 90% of their physicians’ and nurses’ time, which can be used for actual patient care.
Secapp is already widely used in different continents. User organisations include Security Service Providers, Emergency medical services (EMS), First Responders, Ambulance Services, Intensive Care Units (ICU), Surgery Units, Hospital IT departments, Psychiatric Wards, Control Rooms and Home Care to name a few.
You will move now to the Secapp Finland web page!!
You will move now to the Secapp Finland web page!!