Improve daily security in schools and academies with Secapp’s communications and alerting system.

A safe learning environment is essential for both students and staff. The versatile and easy-to-use Secapp application is proven to be a functional and popular system already in many educational institutions, where it is used daily for, e.g. internal communications and instant messaging. Secapp has been awarded the national security award for improving security safety at schools and academies.
In addition, Secapp can be used to prepare for critical situations and to alert all persons covering faculty members, students, and visitors with mass messages.
Create, customise and communicate School and Universities Safety Plans with all internal and external parties involved.
Teachers are those who first learn of crises. One Touch button enables them instantly to alarm school leadership, security personnel and colleagues. SECAPP allows 2-way communication for updates and correct responses.

Save time

Alert and reach tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people with mass messaging features in seconds, bypassing the phone’s silent settings, e.g. evacuation or threat alerts.
OneClick alerting improves the physical safety of personnel and enables them to call for instant help with a single push of a button.

Be prepared

With SECAPP, you can create ready-made templates for various incidents and unexpected situations, including segments to be alerted, the priority and a description of the problem and instructions on what to do next.
Anonymous reports, e.g. harassment and a Whistle Blowing -possibility.

Alert and reach out

Use as an alert and dispatching system, e.g. when an unexpected situation or a replacement employee is needed due to a sudden absence.
A secure chat solution for everyday instant messaging – share text, images and videos.

What is Secapp?

Secapp’s features make schoolwork easier by coordinating necessary resources (e.g. IT, faculties, exam supervisors) also when there are several locations or teaching is done remotely.
The anonymous forms can be used e.g. in harassment, unbiased treatments, AC failure/IT failure/damaged door and it cover the requirements set by the EU whistleblowing directive. In addition, the application enables geofencing on the organization’s locations, to target communication and alerts certain buildings or campuses.
With Secapp, you ensure functional and secure communication connections, cope with unexpected situations and improve both personal (teachers, nurses, janitors, principals, etc.) and business security without the need to make new equipment investments.

Capture attention

In everyday life and unexpected situations

Ready-made templates are created in Secapp for various disturbances and unexpected situations. Templates include, e.g. persons and groups to be alerted, the priority of the situation, a description of the situation and instructions for action, and possible escalation chains. Individual contact information, qualifications, and alert groups (e.g., service, first aid, security) are managed with Secapp’s tools.

Secapp will issue a mass alert using ready-made alert templates in case of a fault or an unexpected situation. The alert is sent via multiple communication channels (e.g. mobile application, text message, robotic call) to all persons defined in the message template, regardless of whether the person has an older phone or a smartphone.

In the case of a high-priority alert, Secapp bypasses the phone’s silent settings on Android and iPhone phones. All message recipients can respond to the alert (OK/NOK) and indicate whether they can participate in the situation.

Besides permanent personnel, this feature is an excellent way to keep temporary employees informed and monitor their daily work-

A real-time situational awareness forms for the person who made the alert. Secapp shows which alerted persons are available and responding to the situation. The operation manager can share more information in the conversation with the entire group.

Secapp is an alert and dispatching system, e.g. when a replacement employee is needed for a work shift due to a sudden absence. Persons can also be alerted, for example, based on special skills (maintenance, IT, a specific driving license).

Secapp chat allows text, pictures, videos, and files to be shared securely. The chat function is very convenient for everyday instant messaging as well as handling unexpected situations. In addition, the video connection can be used to handle e.g. consultations and inspections or to transmit additional information remotely.

Panic buttons and a dead man’s switch increase lone workers’ safety. With the panic button, an alert can be made directly on the screen of one’s phone with a single push of a button. The dead man’s switch will automatically send an alert if the device does not detect movement for a specified time (e.g. 1 minute).

Secapp records all events during an unexpected situation: alerted persons, responses, shared information, and decisions made. The event log can be exported as a report which can be used in debriefing and improving the procedures in the future.

  • Data management (e.g. equipment, configuration information, installations, maintenance, fault management)

Organizations with more than 50 employees will be obliged to set up suitable internal reporting channels. Whistleblowers should be able to submit reports either in writing via an online system, a mailbox, or by post and/or orally via a telephone hotline or answering machine system. All personal data, both that of the whistleblower and any accused persons, must be handled in accordance with the GDPR.

Easy to set up

Choose the users

Let us know who will start using Secapp. We will add them and their details to the platform.

2-hour online training

We will provide a 2-hour online training session for your staff.

You are set to go

We will support, guide and teach you the best practices of how to get the best out of Secapp.


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You will move now to the Secapp Finland web page!!