Secapp annual review 2022 – Over 10 million Secapp alerts worldwide in 2022

In 2022, crisis preparedness became particularly relevant around the world, both in organizations and in individuals’ daily lives, due to the Ukrainian war. The year was also marked by the threat of energy crises, significant changes in various industries, and a global economic situation change. Secapp has been even stronger in ensuring everyday safety in various industries by ensuring that information reaches the right people quickly.

Regardless of the industry, collaboration is important, and the flow of information must not be disrupted. With Secapp, various industries have been able to streamline and automate their operations. More time is cleared for priority work when it is not spent on, for example, multiple separate calls or dealing with technology. We are pleased that the help brought by Secapp has been noticed and adopted by many industries into their daily routines.

Secapp is a versatile and customizable service for organizations’ everyday safety and critical communication. Secapp offers situation management, multi-channel alerts of important personnel and units, secure instant messaging, and critical information documentation and reporting. Secapp alerts enable quick delivery of information to the right people on matters such as threats, power outages, system failures, storm damage, or lone worker emergencies, and can be responded to in seconds.

By the end of the year, there were over 124,000 Secapp users, and over 10 million alerts were sent worldwide. By the end of last year, Secapp had at least preliminary operations in 15 different countries, highlighting the global need for preparedness, safety, and communication designed for critical use.


Unstable global conditions increase the security industry market

The year 2022 was once again a globally unstable time. Russia’s attack on Ukraine, increased cyber threats, an energy crisis, the aftereffects of the pandemic, extreme weather events caused by climate change, logistics challenges, and the global economic situation each cast a shadow of uncertainty over the world. Unfortunately, similar uncertainty is likely to continue in 2023, and preparing for them is becoming the new normal. The need for critical communication and security solutions is growing all the time, to build a safer world.

The crisis management solutions market is estimated to grow from USD 121.4 billion in 2022 to USD 163.6 billion by 2027 (Markets and Markets report). This is due to the aforementioned uncertainty factors, as well as increased regulatory initiatives, laws, and regulations that govern operations, and the increased threat of terrorists and biological hazards, and their realization.

The entire global public safety market is also estimated to grow from USD 433.6 billion in 2022 to USD 707.2 billion by 2027 (Markets and Markets report). The market is expected to grow by as much as 63 percent.

Continuing uncertainty is naturally a negative thing overall, but on the other hand, it opens up opportunities for Secapp Ltd to help various industries. In a crisis-ridden world, crisis communication solutions and the need to prepare for chrisis are becoming a priority for organizations. For example, precautionary measures triggered by a power outage must be initiated quickly, as without rapid response, damages can be tens and even hundreds of thousands of euros.

Therefore, there is an increasing need for the automation of alerts, and Secapp has already done important work in this area. In 2022, Secapp has been integrated into, among other things, weather monitoring systems and power production notifications to improve preparedness and speed up response times.

Secapp Ltd’s clear competitive advantages in a growing market include:

  • Offering a complete solution (alerting, communication, documentation)
  • Technological advantage (e.g., bypassing silence, multi-channel communication, reliability even in exceptional circumstances)
  • Possibility for cross-organizational collaboration and communication groups within Secapp
  • A broad ecosystem (e.g., physical security buttons, integrations with different systems and devices, and various expert and security services provided by partners)
  • Affordable implementation and scalability
  • Information security, ISO27001 certification, and local servers

Organizations are also increasingly precise about data processing and storage, as well as information security and safety regulations. Secapp Ltd can respond to this demand in alerting, communication, and documentation solutions, as evidenced by the international standard information security management system ISO 27001 certificate awarded to the company in 2022 by Huld Certification Oy.

As the global economic situation worsens, companies are increasingly precise in their investments. Secapp’s low implementation cost is a significant competitive advantage in a tight economic situation, and the same system is suitable for a wide range of needs within the organization.


Satisfied customers and a successful partner program

Customer satisfaction has been very high during the year, and with an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 31, the majority of customers would recommend Secapp to their peers. Secapp has received a lot of positive feedback regarding the speed and expertise of our support services, as well as its ability to be customized to meet each customer’s specific needs.

Customers have also praised the fact that the system does not need to be fully implemented at once, but rather functions can be added as needed according to the organization’s needs and expanded as necessary.

Secapp’s succesfull partner program has brought in new partners, totaling 49, both in Finland and internationally. This has further strengthened Secapp’s position in the industry and offered new opportunities for growth and more comprehensive customer service.

We also want to invest in other forms of cooperation and do good for society. In the summer of 2022, we supported the Eldis camp for young firefighters, where they and their mentors were able to use Secapp. We also supported Ukraine with donation packages and continued our cooperation with the Kummit Ry charity by directing our Christmas donations to support their work.

In summary, we can say that Secapp’s year 2022 was diverse and continued the company’s story in line with its growth strategy. The growth and development thus far demonstrate that Secapp is a strong and reliable player in its industry. The company will continue its growth and development strongly this year as well.

In 2022:

  • Secapp’s turnover increased to 3.3 million euros
  • Over 10 million alerts were made with Secapp
  • Secapp already has over 124,000 users
  • Secapp is already present in 15 different countries
  • Secapp has 49 partners
  • 49 professionals were working at Secapp.

Over 94% of our employees are satisfied with their work and would recommend Secapp as a workplace

In 2022, we welcomed more than ten new top professionals to our growing team to help drive our growth. This includes the valuable expertise of former Canadian Senator Vernon White, who brings experience in police administration and international security to his role as Senior Partnership Director at Secapp.

Chief Financial Officer Kari Kalmukoski has also brought strong financial expertise and process automation to our growing SaaS company, which has ambitious goals. Kari has a background in taking a SaaS company to the stock exchange, among other achievements.

Heidi Kolehmainen started as Head of People & Culture, and under her leadership, we invested in the development, training, and well-being of our existing staff. The staff development group “Secapp Tribe” began operating in late 2022, with a focus on further enhancing the well-being, learning paths, skill development, and overall happiness of our team.

“Most importantly, our staff’s active participation, collaboration, feedback, and suggestions have been important cornerstones in the development of our company culture.”

Our staff satisfaction is very high, with over 94% of our employees recommending Secapp as a great place to work, according to a summer 2022 staff survey.

“We are also pleased with the strengthening of our occupational safety and health management and well-being management, as well as the results of the development of many guiding and agile processes. Most importantly, our staff’s active participation, collaboration, feedback, and suggestions have been important cornerstones in the development of our company culture. We have reinforced an open dialogue culture and collaboration after the years of COVID-19 through various common events and shared experiences, both in person and virtually,” says Heidi Kolehmainen.

“We are looking forward to the coming years with enthusiasm and anticipation, as 2022 showed that we can achieve growth step by step, working together and celebrating shared successes along the way.”


Expanding to new industries with Secapp

Our customer base expanded to new industries last year, such as the Cascais airport, whose security and responsiveness is now ensured by Secapp.

In 2022, we have been doing preparatory work and product development to ensure that Secapp can also be used smoothly for collaboration between different parties in health care and wellbeing areas – from employee level to regional collaboration. Our goal is to prevent interruptions in communication from being a cause of endangering the patient’s life.

There is a growing need in schools to prepare for and respond quickly to emergencies. Lockdown drills, safety protection, and emergency communication are taken seriously in schools. In addition to crisis communication, Secapp has also been able to improve the safety of staff and students in schools. During a significant cyber attack where other systems were down, Secapp ensured the flow of information and helped manage the crisis at a school.

There is an increasing need for safety solutions in industry, and the benefits of Secapp are being recognized in this field as well. In addition, Secapp provides an easy tool to ensure lone worker safety in the field or challenging work environments. Komatsu Forest is an example of such usage.

We are delighted that Secapp’s system is also being used in safety drills so that it is familiar and not new when an emergency occurs. In October 2022, a safety drill was held at the port of Helsinki, where Secapp was used for messaging.


Secapp is a developing product that has also been certified for information security management

During 2022, Secapp’s product developed in a versatile way, which has garnered positive feedback from our customers. Secapp Meet video conferencing also found increased interest. Due to technical disruptions or downtime in other video conferencing services used, organizations were awakened to the need to have another means of organizing video meetings.

Integrations with various systems are an important part of being prepared. In spring 2022, Secapp launched an integration with the Tuudo system, which supports university students’ studies. This enabled a significant leap forward in the safety of educational institutions as staff and students seamlessly receive necessary instructions in emergency situations.

Later in the fall, an integration was implemented with physical AINA Bluetooth buttons, which increases lone workers’ safety. The button provides security, especially in threatening and unpredictable situations, as the alert can be made discreetly and quickly by pressing a button unseen, without having to open a phone. With Secapp’s location tracking, the recipient can see immediately where the alarm comes from.

Secapp’s appearance and image were unified, resulting in Secapp Documentation (formerly MDO) receiving a new look and color. The documentation and reporting side of Secapp is now in line with the communication functions of Secapp.

“The ISO 27001 certificate is proof of our high level of compliance with international criteria and our commitment to continuous improvement.”

In March 2022, Secapp’s SaaS platform’s information security management was certified with ISO27001:2013 (by Huld Certification Oy). ISO27001 ensures, among other things, that information assets are kept confidential, intact, and available to those who need them. Cybersecurity and responsiveness to possible disruptions must be taken into account.

“The ISO 27001 certificate is proof of our high level of compliance with international criteria and our commitment to continuous improvement. In addition, the path to certification helped us formalize good practices, that have been in use for years, into clear instructions and procedures,” says Kari Aho, the CEO of Secapp.


Return to Events

After the years of the pandemic, we were able to actively participate in dozens of events and fairs held in various countries to introduce Secapp’s service to a wider audience. We wanted to get back to discussing with partners and customers face to face after a period of doing  everything remotely.

We attended events in Finland, Sweden, Austria, Canada, and Saudi Arabia. Secapp has a genuine desire to grow and be internationally visible. These events give Secapp the opportunity to network and create new business relationships and partnerships, which is important for continuous growth.

Due to the current world situation, preparedness and the functionality of critical communication have become increasingly important. Secapp’s expertise in these matters is strong, and CEO Kari Aho has been a sought-after speaker at various events on these topics – an example being the Internet Forum at Aalto University.

After three years, Secapp’s own customer day was held again. Both the company and its customers saw the event as important for collaboration. Customers from various industries were present, including security, healthcare, education, government, critical infrastructure, and industry and energy.

The event was important in many ways, including sharing information between customers and for Secapp’s development. Together, we discussed how to develop and take society’s safety and preparedness to the next level. Based on the event, current Secapp customers also began to form different cooperation groups within Secapp.


Every second matters

When something unexpected happens, quick reaction can save lives. This idea led to Secapp’s new slogan “Jokainen sekunti merkitsee” (“Every second matters”), which was introduced in June 2022 as part of the brand renewal. The goal of the renewal was to modernize the company’s visual identity with colors and typography, and to better showcase Secapp’s different use situations and people from various industries. The new look was also intended to support Secapp’s associated images, such as safety and reliability.

The most visible part of Secapp’s new visual identity is the facelift of the website. It features lots of interesting new content, including customer experiences with Secapp – for example, from an international airport, a leading telecommunications operator, and the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority.

In 2022, Secapp was used to send over 10 million alerts globally, which speaks to the significant amount of seconds saved and human lives rescued during crisis situations. Every employee at Secapp knows the importance of their work, and the efforts to create a safer world will continue in 2023.

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