Secapp Oy and Cyberwatch Oy Signing collaboration agreement over Improving Cyber Security situational awareness for selected Secapp clients

[Jyväskylä, May 23, 2023]

Secapp Oy, a SaaS platform provider for critical communications, alerting and documentation, has signed a collaboration agreement with Cyberwatch Oy, a company providing unique strategic-level international expertise and understanding on cyber security, to improve Cyber security situational awareness for the selected Secapp clients. This improvement in cyber awareness will be enabled by sharing targeted cyber security situational awareness reports to these selected Secapp clients using the secure communication features available in the Secapp service.

“Organizations that are aware of the importance of being prepared for emergencies and crises tend to be aware as well of how important factor understanding of cyber threats and risks are for the improved preparedness”, explains Dr. Kari Aho, the CEO and Founder of Secapp Oy. Having this cyber security threat related information easily available is an essential value when risks are analyzed, and corresponding mitigation plans are created. “Cyber security threats and cyber incidents are one growing source for organizational crises and emergencies, and it is essential they are managed efficiently: As an example, it is estimated by IBM and Gartner that a cost for IT downtime is 5750€ per one minute. Furthermore, an average cost of data breach estimated globally is 3,93 M$. With these situations, one could really state that every second matters, and by being better prepared, organizations can reduce this valuable time to manage the situation, and ultimately, to recover.” adds Dr. Aho.

“Cyber crisis is always a surprise and requires immediately crisis management actions. Realtime situational awareness is needed for adequate preparedness planning as well to manage the crisis in an effective way. A well trained and realistic preparedness plan is paying back in keeping the recovery time as short as possible”, explains Aapo Cederberg, the CEO of Cyberwatch Oy. People are the key to success in building cyber resilience, this is not possible without realistic understanding of the cyber world.

As part of this collaboration, the selected Secapp clients can utilize these high-quality cyber security situational awareness reports in their everyday operations for improving their preparedness. Furthermore, the end users can give their valuable assessment for these reports, which is used to further improve the usefulness and value end users can have through this collaboration.

For more information, contact:

Mika Kataikko

Account Director

Secapp Oy

+358 44 779 5065

Ake Turunen


Cyberwatch Oy

+358 45 343 6500


Secapp is a SaaS platform for critical communication, alerting and documentation – built especially to cope with emergencies and ensure safety. Secapp can broadcast mass notifications, alert individuals and teams, collect critical data and provide secure real-time chats and videos. All in a platform where the data remains secure and owned by the customer.

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You will move now to the Secapp Finland web page!!